Vishal Ugale

Vishal Ugale

Vishal Ugale is a well-known cyclist and a prominent resident of Nashik. He is a founder member of the Nashik Cyclist Foundation. His entrepreneurial journey is quite fascinating. He initially ventured into the pest control business and subsequently transitioned to the restaurant industry. Presently, he owns more than 20 outlets of the renowned "Curry Leaves" restaurants.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Vishal and his team disinfected over 1,000 homes free of cost under his guidance, showcasing his commitment to the community and giving back to society. In 2020, he ventured into the real estate business, and he is currently involved in land dealings, resorts, villa farms, housing projects, agricultural initiatives, and warehousing projects. His journey reflects a remarkable transformation and diversification in various sectors, all while maintaining a strong commitment to community service and social responsibility.

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