The land is designated for resort and farmhouse purposes. Numerous companies are available to lease the property on a monthly basis.

As a developer, we will provide water and electricity. Individual soak pits need to be constructed for drainage during the development phase.

Yes, the title is clear, and the property is not under any litigation. Each plot is enclosed with an entry and exit gate, ensuring there are no boundary disputes.

The asking price is Rs. 1500 per square foot, and it is negotiable.

The land will be marketed through social media and various business forums. The realistic asking price takes into consideration the location, amenities, and potential for appreciation.

There are no taxes applicable to the sale of the land. Stamp duty is the only fee associated, and it is payable during the purchase.

Our aim is to facilitate a timely sale based on market dynamics and buyer interest. We are open to discussions and negotiations to ensure a smooth and efficient transaction for both parties involved.

Potential buyers include investors seeking a profitable venture and individuals looking for property appreciation. The strategic location, close to Mumbai and with easy access through the Samruddhi super express highway, attracts buyers from Mumbai and surrounding areas.

The land comes with all necessary approvals from various government departments, expediting the development process. If needed, our team of architects can provide preapproved designs, allowing immediate commencement of development.

Engaging our team of architects can streamline the development process. Additionally, preapproved designs can offer both cost savings and a faster timeline for completion.

The proximity of Nashik to Mumbai, coupled with the Samruddhi super express highway, positions the land as a desirable investment. Many individuals from Mumbai and its surroundings are actively seeking such properties nestled amidst nature, indicating a positive trend in real estate appreciation.

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